Tuesday, October 19


IBack when Colby came home I would think what it would be to have two infants. Two babies crying at the same time who needed mommy. Two babies to be changed. Two babies to bathe. Two babies to put to bed.

It would be overwhelming and I would be that much more tired.

But now we're out of that phase. Colby loves to play by himself just as much as he likes a play buddy. He is daring and energetic and happy and talking and just such a perfect toddler.

Now I catch myself as I'm sitting on the floor. Colby will be pushing his truck across the floor and I wonder just for moment what it would be like to have two toddlers. How would they play together? Would they love to do everything together? Would they be more bonded to each other than to me?

And I want it so badly because I'm meant to have two toddlers right now. Two boys just over 1 year old. Two boys to cuddle and kiss and giggle with.

Only I'm not meant to have two toddlers right now. Instead I have a perfect, healthy toddler who is so much cuter and smarter and funnier than I ever dreamed of. And we all have a perfect angel watching over us.

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Michele said...

I often wonder what it would be like to have them all here, or even the different babies at the ages they would be. It's hard to accept that this place, right here, is where we are supposed to be, when the strings of our mom's hearts tell us otherwise.