Thursday, October 14

Transfer Complete

For the sake of argument, I am currently pregnant.

I like writing that.

The transfer was completed around 11 am this morning.

I spent all last night worrying about 1 or 2 embryos. I couldn't decide. Eventually I decided that I would leave it up to the embryos. If I had a great embryo I would put back 1 only. And if they were just okay, then I would put back 2.

We got there around 10am and started drinking. Last time I drank 7 (yes, 7) glasses of water. I thought I would DIE by the time my hour was up and the transfer was completed. (Then I was worried that I would accidentally pee on the doctor...) And it KILLS me that the doctor decides to talk to you about your embryos AFTER you're already so full you could explode! I get why they do it (it's the only time they have the time to sit and talk) but come on... I don't want to wait one more second than I have to! :)

So, this time I only drank 4 glasses of water and they only had me wait 45 minutes. (YES!) We went back, they decided that I was sufficiently full and they even let me reduce some of the fullness. (YES again!)

I went into the actual transfer thinking I would have to fight for my right to put back 2 embryos (if needed) but the doctor was all on board. The embryologist had already put 2 embryos into the catheter.

The doctor came in and talked to us about the embryos. We had three that were still growing. As a comparison, our two embryos last time were:
8 cell, grade A fragmentation (0-5%), and fair symmetry
6 cell, grade B fragmentation (5-15%), and fair symmetry

This time, we were a little disappointed... we had:
4 cell, grade A fragmentation, fair symmetry
5 cell, grade B fragmentation, fair symmetry
4 cell, grade B fragmentation, fair symmetry

We ended up putting back 2 embryos because they were growing so much slower. The doctor (who wasn't "mine" but was instead the doctor there that day) said that the slower growth might simply be because our transfer was at 11am this time and it was at 3pm last time. Maybe the 4 hours made a difference? Either way, our fingers are crossed and I am hoping that it works. (And that I didn't make the wrong decision by putting 2 back... I know it doesn't mean that it WILL work and that it doesn't mean we WILL have twins gain, but I can't even think about the possibility of ending up in the NICU again.)

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

SO excited you are PUPO!!

I know at least one of those little miracles is hangin on tight.

BTW-Super jealous of your summer due date. Ill be stuck in fall/winter. Not that I am complaining. ;)