Wednesday, October 6

Our Schedule...

A schedule of exhaustion... here's what my days look like now with all that is going on...

5am: Wake up, shower, dry hair, etc. Colby has a sixth sense (or he's just sensitive to my alarm) and always wakes up with me. He plays on the bathroom floor while I shower and plays on our bedroom floor while I get ready. So, of course, getting ready takes 2x as long.

6am: Dress Colby, play on floor downstairs while I finish last minute packing of myself and diaper bag.

6:20am (if we're lucky, 6:30am if we're not): In car en route to Day Care

7:25am: Arrive at Day Care (darn traffic!)

7:35am: Leave a screaming Colby and drive to work (so sad!)

7:50am: Arrive at work, finish up last minute things for the day

8:15am: Kids arrive and day begins

2:40pm: Bell, kids leave

2:50pm: Teachers allowed to leave, finish up last minute things

3:00pm: In car en route to Day Care again

3:15pm: Arrive Day Care, chat about Colby's day, wrestle afternoon snack away from Colby for a kiss

3:25pm: In car en route home

4pm: Home! Play time!
  • Though I have a million things for school, if Colby's awake, I'm playing with him. I very, very, very rarely do school work while he's awake. (Unless I have something due that evening that HAS to get done.)
5pm: Make Colby's dinner, feed him

5:30pm: More play! Yay!

7pm: Bath, books, bed

7:45pm (~8pm): Colby's asleep

8pm: Think about dinner for Johnny and I, whip up something fast

8:30pm: Course work, school work, catching up on emails, laundry, wash bottles, etc.
  • Every Tuesday I have a paper due for my Assessment Class and a mini-assignment due for Theory
  • Every Wednesday I have responses due for my Theory Class
  • Every Thursday I have a mini-assignment due for Acquisition
  • Every Friday I have responses due for my Assessment and Acquisition Classes
  • Every Sunday I have a paper due for my Theory Class
  • Every week I have 2-4 chapters of reading for all 3 classes- so between 6 and 12 chapters a week
  • Every week I have at least 1 bigger project for each of my classes... this week I had an Assessment Review for Wednesday and a Critical Journal for Monday.
8:45pm: Lupron and GonalF injections

8:46pm: Back to school work until bedtime

11pm-12am: Without fail Colby wakes up at least 1 time

12am: Bed, finally!

~3am: Colby wakes again. If it's before 3:30am I try to get him to go back down in his bed. If it's between 3:30am and 4:30am I bring him to bed in hopes of catching a few more minutes. If it's after 4:30am, we're up for the day.

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Devon said...

oh my goodness. i'm exhausted just reading do you do it? i am seriously impressed!