Saturday, October 16

Is 72 hours up?

I am so happy that we did this IVF. But some parts aren't so much fun.

Like the waiting. AHHH I hate waiting. It's been 2 days since the transfer, but it feels like it has been 2 months. JUST TELL ME ALREADY.

And like the sore injections. My back/hip/butt area is killing me. I know it's because I don't massage or use heat enough, but I don't really have time. So instead I deal with the constant ache. Only *hopefully* 11 more weeks left? :)

But the worst?

Not being able to pick him up.

Here he is trying to climb up my pant leg.

It is the WORST.

It's actually kind of nice to get to sleep (Sorry, Johnny, you have to be in charge. I can't lift Colby for 72 hours!) but I miss our cuddles and picking him up and bath and stories and everything. Last night he went to be late, so he was mighty cranky. All he wanted was MAMA! He was crying and reaching for me, but I couldn't do it because I can't put him in his crib.

It's tearing my heart out. I feel like I'm already choosing this new (hopefully) baby over Colby. And I hate that. I sat on the stairs crying while he finally calmed down with Johnny.

I need my baby. And tomorrow marks 72 hours!


sonja said...

Saying many prayers for you for strength during your wait! Hang in there ...

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I'm so excited for you!!! What happened to embryo #3?