Monday, October 11


So... we had the retrieval today. We arrived at 8 and I went in at 9.

It was a bit of a let down...

Going in I had 12 possible on the Right and 10 possible on the Left.

I came out and they said they got 8.

Then we asked about my Right side. They couldn't find the right side and they didn't have time so they only did the left. But, "don't worry. 8 is a good number."

Uggh, my right side is killing me still and I'm frustrated because IUI to IVF we had 6 eggs. That was an IUI cycle and we had 6. They were content to get 8 with an IVF cycle. I can only imagine how many they would have gotten if they could access the right side.

And now I'm mad at the nurse who assured me that the right would be absolutely no problem. And kudos to the ultrasound tech.

But, maybe a good thing... the anesthesiologist and the retrieval doctor were the same as last time! Good luck, maybe?


Ashley said...

Good luck honey!! 8 is a GREAT number!! That's what I had...((HUGS))

birds and squirrels said...

I certainly hope they are only charging you for half the retrieval. No time to find the other side? That's what you pay them for! With that said, 8 is very good. Good luck!

Catherine W said...

It's a shame that they couldn't get righty too :(

I hope that the same medical bods are a good omen. Fingers crossed for you.