Sunday, October 17

Due Date + 1 Year

Today is the boys' 1 year due date. Crazy. AND I could be pregnant again! (Well, I am for the time being, right?)

I could hold and cuddle my baby boy today! Well, my toddler. It was wonderful... I missed him and I like to think he missed me. He was glued to me all day long.

We got the final letter from the clinic today. (Well, yesterday, but we didn't check the mail.) Zero embryos to freeze. I'm in disbelief a little bit. We started with 22 possible follicles. That's a huge number, right? But then ended up with 8 from the left and the pain of a ridiculously swollen right side. Then of those 8, only 5 fertilized. And then 3 continued to grow normally. And then we put back 2 slow-growers (and are crossing our fingers!) and the last one didn't make it more than another day or 2. Just like I said last time... I can't figure out how people get pregnant on their own.

Off to bed, reality starts again tomorrow. I had a 1 day work week last week. (Mon=holiday, Tues=rest day, Wed= work, Thurs=transfer, Fri=rest again!) Every week should be like that!

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3Babes2Jens1Cause said...

I am so, so sorry your 3rd embryo didn't make it... I'm praying for ++!!!