Thursday, October 7

Follicle Check Results

Results from the follicle check this AM.

Left side:
1 at 15mm
2 at 13mm
3 at 12mm
2 at 11mm
2 at 10mm
+ a few too small to measure

Total Left: 10

Right side:
1 at 13mm
1 at 12.5mm
4 at 12mm
1 at 11mm
2 at 10mm
+ a few too small to measure

Total Right: 9

I specifically called the nursing line to see what the deal was with my right ovary. Will it be useful even if it doesn't move? The u/s tech again (same one) was talking again about how it wouldn't be reachable... which totally makes sense to me. They find it just a tad below my bellybutton with the external wand. I'm not sure I want a needle all up inside me quite that far... :) The nursing line nurse (not the regular, but an associate) said not to worry; that they would get it no matter what. BUT she also left me a 7 minute disjointed message so I'm not sure I completely believe her. At this point I feel like it will be what it is. I can't change anything. All I can do is hope and pray, so that's what I'm doing.

They bumped GonalF down to 37.5IU tonight. I can't believe that it's so low. I go back tomorrow for blood. I can't believe how close we are getting to the retrieval. I'm so excited and nervous.

I can't believe we're finally here.

We started the Baby #3 journey 6 weeks after the boys were born. (We hoped and prayed, but didn't really expect it to work... and it didn't) Then I met with my OB in April for the go-ahead for Baby #3 and met with RSC in May. So finally... 5 months later we are at the finish line. :)

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Ashley said...

Good luck honey!! Youre in my thoughts and prayers! They sound like good numbers;)