Sunday, October 3

He is amazing

Lately I've been so preoccupied with school (AH, so busy!) and IVF (AH! So excited and nervous!) Sometimes I think I forget on here that some people might want to hear about Colby. :)

Simply put? He is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I have always loved him. (Obviously) But it wasn't too bad for me to go back to school last April. I missed him a TON, but it was "easy" because I didn't think he knew any different. Now he knows. And he cries. And it's awful. And all I want is to be with him.

Because he is so amazing.

He's so close to walking. He'd rather crawl though, I'm convinced. Or push his Leap Frog table along and walk with that.

We finally figured out how to get him to give us kisses. He was kissing ANYTHING under the sun. I could point to something and could have him kiss the couch, the dog, the phone- anything. But kisses for Mommy or Daddy? Rare. Daddy simply realized that we just have to point to our lips when we ask for a kiss. Ahhh... now a kiss every time. BLISS.

He is amazing.

He's still my peanut. He still wears 6-9 month pants and shirts quite well, but frankly I'm bored with them so I put him in bigger 9-12 month stuff a lot. I tried 12-18 month pants and a shirt yesterday. He was swimming.

I swear that when you look at him you can see the wheels in his head turning. I already say he's going to be an engineer because you can just see him logically figuring things out. We got a lock for the toilet because things were going for a swim. He totally knows how to open it-- his fingers just aren't strong enough yet.

At the same time he's a total daredevil who loves to roll, climb, and launch himself wherever he wants to go. He has no fear.

Every night I put him to bed and stumble down stairs. (Because I inevitably fall asleep lately whenever I'm in his room with him.) And all I can think is how much I want to be playing with him again. I miss him before he's been asleep 10 minutes.

He loves to eat almost anything. Fruit and veggies are definitely his favorite. But he has a sweet tooth and enjoys cake and cookies as well. :)

Every day I remember how fragile life is. I remember what it took to get here. I remember how strong and brave he has been since the day he was born.

And I am so very thankful that I have my amazing miracle to cuddle. I breathe him in and I am complete.

He is amazing.
And he is mine.


Michele said...

he's adorable :)

Leah said...

He is so darn cute!!! It sounds like he's doing really well. So happy to hear that. What a beautiful child. :)