Wednesday, October 13

Transfer Day! And opinions!

Transfer day is set for tomorrow!

I'm a little bummed that it's tomorrow because I had such high hopes for a great cycle with lots of eggs and lots of embryos to freeze, but that's not quite what happened. I know that amazing things can come from a 3 day transfer (the boys!), though.

We had 8 eggs on Monday. Then 5 fertilized and we had the 5 yesterday. Of those, 3 are growing normally. 3. I am so happy and thankful for those three, but it's not quite what I expected. (but then again, I guess none of the baby-stuff from 2006 onward has been what I expected!)

But I need opinions... my doctor suggested we put back 1 embryo, but was willing to leave it up to me. There is no certain evidence that twins led to their prematurity. It could have been a whole host of things. So, we were between 1 and 2. Then my doctor quit and I was unceremoniously transferred to another doctor in the clinic. All along I've had some issues with being switched (I generally am not a fan of his nursing team) but we have been moving right along. Now, a day away from the transfer I've been inquiring about how many embryos I can put back. I was told that my new doctor says 1. (because he does not allow more than 1 for anyone under the age of 30) BUT I have the right to make my own decision. If, on transfer day, I insist on transferring 2, then I have to sign a paper saying I am doing it "Against Medical Advice".

So basically I don't know what to do! What are your opinions? I don't want to go through what we did last year. But the idea of it NOT working is so scary. But I also don't want to be selfish and risk the health of a baby/babies by doing the wrong thing. I'm just stuck.

And I really wish my doctor had taken the time to talk to me about this!


Alyssa said...

I've never gone through IF things, but personally I think it costs so much that to put back only 1 seems like not utilizing it to it's full potential. I would put at least 2, maybe even all 3.

But again, I've never gone through it personally.

Jill said...
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