Tuesday, July 14


Just a quick update about the little ones!

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Things are still looking great... B had the hiccups! Very cute. :)

Anyways... some weights.

Baby A weighed in at 2 pounds 5 ounces.
Baby B weighed in at 2 pounds 6 ounces.

Every measurement was above and beyond 26w2d. :) So they're looking good and we're happy.

Keep it up little guys... we're proud of you!

And here's a little chart of averages for you to compare to...
(Now that I see this, I wish I knew the lengths!)

26 weeks14.02 inches1.68 pound35.6 cm760 grams
27 weeks14.41 inches1.93 pound36.6 cm875 grams
28 weeks14.80 inches2.22 pounds37.6 cm1005 grams
29 weeks15.2 inches2.54 pounds38.6 cm1153 grams
30 weeks15.71 inches2.91 pounds39.9 cm1319 grams
31 weeks16.18 inches3.31 pounds41.1 cm1502 grams
32 weeks16.69 inches3.75 pounds42.4 cm1702 grams
33 weeks17.20 inches4.23 pounds43.7 cm1918 grams
34 weeks17.72 inches4.73 pounds45 cm2146 grams
35 weeks18.19 inches5.25 pounds46.2 cm2383 grams
36 weeks18.66 inches5.78 pounds47.4 cm2622 grams
37 weeks19.13 inches6.30 pounds48.6 cm2859 grams
38 weeks19.61 inches6.80 pounds49.8 cm3083 grams
39 weeks19.96 inches7.25 pounds50.7 cm3288 grams
40 weeks20.16 inches7.63 pounds51.2 cm3462 grams


ashley said...

Glad the babies are doing well and that they're plumping up! ;)

Ashley said...

That's awesome news!!

Shinejil said...

Good job, guys! Keep up that growth.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

When I visited Lost and Found I discovered you needed some extra support. :) I'm happy to read things are going well. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.