Friday, July 10

99 Days Left!

Hello world.  It's just past 6:30 and, yes, I'm up.  Why you ask?  Because of the most annoying nurse ever.  I should point out that I've been EXTREMELY lucky with my nurses.  Usually I like them a lot... and if not, they're not here too long, so it's okay.  This one... lucky for me (her?) she's only here 11pm to 7am today.  Hopefully I don't see her again.

Anyways... I wake up with at start at 6:15am to her just starrrring at me.  In the dark I see her outline and she's just watching.  She says, "Oh, you looked like it was a good dream... so I didn't want to bother you."  (Side note: It was a good dream.  I can't remember what it was about anymore, but it was one of those dreams that kind of takes you all night to get through...)   So once I'm groggily awake she proceeds to turn on the overhead lights of death.  (I have never seen lights so bright!)  Then she proceeds to go through every vital, play what seems like the piano on my belly, takes off my compression boots to bend my feet, and listen to the babies on the doppler (which took a good 10 minutes because she didn't know where to find them) before saying "Ooops.  I guess they usually check your vitals when the nurses do their rounds at 9??  Oh well, it was fun... and I'm too early for your nifetapin.  I'll be back at 7 to give that to you."

Ugh bug.   So basically the crazy lady woke me up for no reason!  Or, rather, REALLY woke me up for no reason.

In other news.  Yesterday I had 2 contractions during monitoring.  I think I felt them... but I don't know.  I was watching the screen and the numbers and as the numbers started climbing I got really anxious and that's when I thought I felt them.  So... I can't figure if I really felt them, if I only thought I felt them, or even if I made them worse because I had a mini-personal freakout each time it happened?  So then they did a second round of monitoring in the PM and I didn't look at the numbers at all... and I had zero contractions.  So I can't say that I did officially feel them or not.  Either way, they weren't anything really notable.  No doctors were called in, no new orders sent... so I'm hoping it's not a big deal.  

The other day a doctor came in to discuss with me how I want to deliver these babies when the time comes.  As we've said all along... I just want to do what I'm told and what is best for the babies.  C-Section, natural... it really doesn't matter to me as long as I have two healthy babies.  So she went into detail.  Pre-30 weeks I don't have a choice... it would be C-Section.  The only scary part?  Pre-30 weeks they have to make the Section incision in a different place than usual due to size.  This place carries with it it's own complications.  Additionally... if (when) we had kids in the future, I could ONLY ever have a C-Section and throughout the pregnancy I'd be at a higher risk for uterine rupture.  Scary.  

Lastly, I've been dying to type this for ages.  We are officially at 99 days to go!  I know we most likely won't make it that far, but it's a nice milestone to check off.


ashley said...

What an annoying nurse! I'm glad you and the boys are still doing well.

Shinejil said...

Yeah on the milestone! Keep on cooking, little guys, for as long as you can!

You know, from everything I've heard (and, no, I haven't heard much about c-sec before 30 wks), VBAC is very often possible. The OB community seems rather divided on this front, with some folks saying it's no big deal and others saying once a C, always a C. Just so that you don't get discouraged, on top of all the other stuff you have on your mind. You're young, you could heal beautifully, and finally, you could make it to 30 weeks.

Can you ask someone to put in your chart not to wake you before a certain time, except for emergencies? That's just so thoughtless and unkind to do that to a pregnant lady!

Stace said...

Thanks guys!

The reason for the C-Section ALWAYS if it is before 30 weeks is because of the placement of where the incision would be and the chance of rupture. If it were after 30 weeks, then the incision would be where it normally is... making a VBAC technically still an option. It's all due to the placement.

Anonymous said...

well i kind of hope you do see her again. But maybe not for another 98 days or so. I mean, if you're there long enough, you're bound to see her, right?

Ashley said...

I couldn't help laughing when I read that she was staring at you!! That would have freaked me out!! So glad all is well with you and the boys!! ((HUGS))