Saturday, July 11

Bassinet? Why?

This is my fabulous husband's solution to buying a bassinet for the babies.  (He would rather spend the money on an HD Video Camera to film the babies)

Take 1 rectangular, fold up card table.  

Place two cardboard boxes on the top.

Place a few blankets in each cardboard box.

Place table and boxes next to bed.

Viola!  You've got yourself a bassinet!

Please keep in mind that he swore that he was serious.  And, even now, he's still not sure why this wouldn't work.


ashley said...

Men. That's all I can say is, Men.

JohnnyKnowsBest! said...

Yes, Men. Thank god for us logical thinkers!

Why buy some pretty, ornate wooden bassinet that baby will never remember and you'll shove in the attic.

HD video, however, is forever!

Anonymous said...

I'll delurk to side with the hubby.

Sorry :)

As your other poster said...HD video is forever...the bassinet...not so much.

Have you put a pack n play on your registry? If not, do so, and hopefully you'll get one for a gift! You can get a p n p with a built in bassinet and then later remove that and get many, many months worth of use out of the p n p.

We have a HD video camera...we love, love, love it.

May said...

Ditto on the pack and play. Stand-alone bassinettes are a total waste of money.

But I'm with you on the men thing.

Stace said...

Haha! I never intended to buy a bassinet... we were planning on using a Pack n' Play. But c'mon... isn't cardboard boxes a little on the cheap extreme?? :)

Ashley said...

That's so funny...something my husband would say;)

Carrie said...

You could always used emptied dresser my grandmother used with my dad! Or open suitcases! At least these have have more stable sides than the cardboard boxes.

We used the bassinet for less than a week with Ethan. I had to get him out of my room so I could get some sleep. I woke up with every snort and grunt. Fortunately, the bassinet was borrowed from a friend so we didn't waste our own money!

Shinejil said...

Laundry baskets are in this year. Cardboard boxes are SO 2008!

Hmmm... with my past experience with shifty, collapsing card tables, I'd at least get a sturdier table for for the contraption.

I was thinking of going ahead and getting a crib, just in case I couldn't find any other acceptable solution. The little guys could share for a while, right (if that's safe; nothing's ever safe in this business it seems)?

Anonymous said...

my husband had the very same idea. maybe you can meet half way with one of these: