Friday, July 17

Ouch! :)

You know how on A Baby Story (I watch WAY too much of this!) the moms always cringe when they're being checked?  I never could figure out WHY they were in pain.  Well, I learned today.  Ouch.

The good news?  I appear to be longer than was measured at the last exam, I'm only 1cm dilated, and Baby A is still up nice and high.  :)  

YAY.  But, OW.


Infertility is Hard said...

So glad for the good report.

I LOVE the baby story! I could watch that show for hours. Even better is the Bringing Home Baby one. So precious. :-D

ashley said...

Everyone keeps saying that it hurts. I'm scared. I thought you had been being checked though since you got there??? Glad you're still hanging in there though!

Anonymous said...

yeah, not so fun. i think the last time i was check i dropped the f-bomb like 10 times before they were done. nice. but i'm so glad to hear you're only 1cm! so great.

Ashley said...


Shinejil said...

Good news!

Carrie said...

Yay for a longer cervix! I am constantly thinking of cervical length, now. ;)

Thanks for the support on my blog. I do think that Nipediphine is a miracle drug! Hoping my body continues to react well to it. Yes I had two exams this week, and you are right, OUCH!