Tuesday, July 7

Another post from Daddy...with PICTURES!!!

Hello to everyone that reads Stacey's blog!! I am Johnny, her husband, and just wanted to thank everyone for the very nice comments you left from the post that Stacey copy and pasted from the blog we had started for the twins. Stacey is stuck in bed at the hospital in Boston so I just wanted to post the newest ultrasound pics of our little guys. I know there are a lot of women who read this blog so try and stay calm because I know the little guys are handsome. (They take after their Daddy) Aaaaanyways, enjoy the pics and thanks again for all the support you have been giving my wife. It means a lot to us!!!

These are the first pictures of the Jamerson twins' faces to be released, so try to keep it quiet so US Weekly, People, and GQ arent all fighting over the rights for them.

26 June 2009

Baby A Profile
Baby A 3D
Baby B Profile
Baby B 3D #1
Baby B 3D #2
Baby B 3D #3

06 July 2009

Baby A and Baby B looking at the top of their heads

As of Tuesday AM no news to report for the week. The babies are still looking very healthy and very strong, and Stacey is resting and doing fine as well. The nifedipine has been doing its job as well because she hasn't been having anymore contractions.


Infertility is Hard said...

Those are handsome little guys. :-D

So happy to hear no contractions. My mantra for you is, just make it to 30 weeks! :-D

Stace said...

Thanks for the update, Daddy! :) Those boys are quite the lookers! :) LOVE!

Morrisa V said...

They are very handsome, just like their Daddy I'm sure :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful U/S pictures! Glad to hear all are doing well. Pass a hug along to your wife, please and thank you!

ashley said...

Those are awesome ultrasound pics. Thanks for the updates. We're so glad mommy and babies are doing well. Keep it up!

Shinejil said...

Good news!

30 weeks! 30 weeks! (repeating IiH's very appropriate mantra)

Ashley said...

Very cute!! Keep on hanging on boys!!