Wednesday, October 8

Something I've been thinking about...

I've always been one of those people who wondered why bad things happened to good people. You know we have all thought it or seen it... the really good people get the bad situations, while the "bad" people don't (seem to) have these problems. And I know it's something that people always struggle with... the "why?"

Well, the other day I was at dinner with 3 friends-- we were talking about one friend's nephew who was recently diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma (he's 6). And it was one of those conversations-- wondering why it had to happen to this little boy, this happy family. And one of my friends, with so much certainty, said "You're only given what you can handle. That's why it seems like only the good people get the bad stuff. They're the ones who can deal." And you can debate why this may be so, and you can argue that it's unfair. But something about the way she said it just completely stuck with me. I mean, I've heard people say it before-- you only are given what you can handle, but I had never heard it with so much certainty. And I know in the back of my mind I was thinking about more than just this little boy-- and I'm sure my friend going through infertility was thinking the same thing. We were given this because we can handle it and we will overcome it. So, something about that conversation still makes me smile and has given me such a positive outlook the past few days. I hope it continues. :)

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