Monday, October 20

Crossing my fingers!

In my head I keep coming up with these fabulous posts. However, when I sit down to write, it's so much harder.

I'm just 36 hours away from my blood test (but who's counting?) I'm very anxious and on edge. I really don't want to move on to injectables. I'm not looking forward to it, so if I can avoid it, I'd like to. We'll see, though. Today I felt "off", but half of my class has been sick, so I'm not really sure what to attribute it to.

On a random note, it occurred to me that it might not have been the best idea to give this address to my friends/cousins/mother in law. Not that I mind them reading or not wanting them to read, but they'll know when we get a + before I maybe would have intended. I mean, when I test tomorrow, I'll probably immediately post the result. When I have the blood test on Wednesday I'll post the result. So, even if we wanted to wait a few weeks/months before spilling the beans, it would be impossible. Unless I took a break from writing. But then they'd probably assume the result was + because I always post the negatives. :) So, I guess a few people will know much sooner than others! :)

And here's for hoping this will be my biggest dilemma this cycle!


Sarah said...

*gasp* dont you dare take a break NOW.....I've been waiting and waiting to find out!!

Only half kidding, if you feel you should take a break, then by all means you should. =) you can just e-mail me the results.

Fingers crossed!

Carrie said...

No break! I need to know when you get your BFP too!

Here's to feeling "off" for good reasons! Hope that's a sign of things to come. KFC for a BFP tomorrow!