Monday, October 13

Over a week

I'm trying to be patient, but, really, it's only been 6 days. I still have well over a week left and I'm dying to know if this cycle worked. How do I keep my mind off of this? As always, the wait sucks. :)

Tomorrow Johnny's parents leave for Hawaii. They get back on the day that we find out. That's kind of my time measure. Vacation always seems short, so what's a week long vacation? (Though it would undoubtedly feel shorter if I were actually the one in Hawaii and not the one hanging out in boring ole MA) I can wait a week... but it seems so far away.


Carrie said...

Maybe you can sneak on the plane to Hawaii with them!? I agree that it would be a great distraction to your wait.

Still keeping my fingers crossed!

Morrisa said...

Here's to hoping that this week goes by fast! Good luck!