Thursday, October 2

Deep breath

I bit the bullet and finally called my mom to see if (1) she wanted to know about what was going on and wasn't asking because she didn't want to intrude or (2) she didn't want to know. So-yay- I found out the answer is number 1. I gave her a rundown of the past 2 years. A rundown of the treatments. A rundown of the meds. All that good stuff. So it's nice to have the lines open. I'll see her this weekend for my brother's birthday, so we'll see if she mentions it.

Johnny's taking me away for the weekend. :) Not far... but to a neat/modern hotel in Lexington. It's kind of a busy weekend for it, but it will be fun to be away. We're heading there after school tomorrow and then coming back home on Sunday. In between, Sat I have a class at the aquarium from 9-11 and then we have to head down to see my family. Then Sunday AM we have a dr. appointment at 7am. (I was stupid when I scheduled it... at the time I didn't know that the 5th was a Sunday.) I'm a little nervous about how the timing will work out. We have the check up Sunday, so if things look A-okay we will have the IUI on Tuesday. My class is going to the fire station for fire safety week in the AM. So if the IUI is Tuesday it will make this difficult. And if it's not Tuesday but instead pushed til Thursday Johnny will have a hard time because he is covering one of the stores in his company because of some sort of trip or something pulling all the guys out.

So, as always, we'll wait and see! :)

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Sarah said...

Aw, I'm really glad you have your mom to talk to about the things you and your hubby have been dealing with!