Wednesday, October 15

+ 1

So, turns out 4 wasn't enough. Now I have 5 children who have written letters (or rather, their parents have) to transfer. The 5th was my toughest child, so I guess I'm not too upset about that one. :)

My principal just came in (my kids are at art, so this is legal, I swear) and wanted to remind me that the students leaving isn't a reflection of my teaching. She also said she called the assistant superintendant to see if it's okay for her to call the parents of the students who wrote letters and to tell them that the switch might not be all the crack it up to be. I realize that her call might not make the difference, but it was nice to hear that vote of confidence. So, it would be nice if the 3 who I like stay and the 2 I don't like still tranfer. :) I'm the eternal optimist...

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