Monday, October 6


IUI scheduled for Wednesday at 10:30am. Woohoo... I'm looking forward to it. My lining ended up being 9.2 today. :) Then my left follicle was 15mm and my right was... are you ready?... 24mm. That's an increase of over 3mm in one day! Uh... crazy. So I'm very excited.

I'm feeling good. I had a good day at work... I really love my job! I worked really late and then went to meet my aide and my friend who used to teach at my school. It was SO good to see her. She's one of the most positive, optimistic people I know. It just makes me feel good to see her. And she's so supportive of what we're going through. She knows too much of it. I can't wait til she gets pregnant-- she will be an amazing mother.

And with that, I'm off to put away clothes, do dishes, and trigger!


Morrisa said...

YAY!! Good luck on Wednesday!

your fans in VA said...

Good Luck Tomorrow!

Sarah said...

Good luck today!!

PS....I find it funny that your IUI is on hump day! Could that be a sign? =)