Friday, October 10

Nothing in particular

It's been a great week. We had a fire station field trip Tuesday and today we walked the pond and a firefighter-dad came in to talk to the class. :) I still have kids who I want to kill*, but weeks like this make it worth it.

I'm very very optimistic about this cycle. I guess in my head I keep thinking "175.5 million and 2 follicles... it has to work!" and I guess I know that's not always the case, but things were just so GOOD about this cycle and I'm just feeling good. The 22nd cannot come fast enough!!!!

Tomorrow evening we have a party for my mother in law... should be interesting! Family parties are always an adventure. And I should make a bet with Johnny as to how many times babies will be mentioned. How many times Johnny's grandmother will say "Having a great-grand child would be the best gift I could get" or his aunt will ask "When are you two going to make some babies?"** And so with that... I'm off to waste away my Friday night!

* Disclaimer: I would never actually kill any child. I love them all too much!

** I seriously do love his family!

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