Thursday, April 24

Occupying my Mind

For the first day of Spring Vacation I was able to take my mind off of all of this.  I promised myself that I wouldn't waste the beginning of my week, but I found that I did... just like in February.  However, today I made some definite head-ways in getting other stuff done.  I did the IEP assessment I'd been putting off for waayy too long, I printed all of the Guided Reading forms I made, I started my lesson plans for until the end of the year, and I finally wrote my Statement of Purpose for UML.  It always feels good to finally get things done.  :)  I also started looking for summer positions.  I have 2 people interested in having me nanny for the summer.  As always, I'm torn though.  We'll have to see what the summer brings.  :)

On another note, I was talking to my mom today.  My mom told me that my dad found a pregnancy test in my brother and his wife's room.  (They live with my parents due to some not-so-good choices and actions along the way...)  It's a long complicated, messed up story... but if they get pregnant before me I might go crazy.  Absolutely freakin' crazy.  Just the thought of it is making me crazy.  But that's another long story in itself.  So... I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Until then... :)

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