Sunday, April 13


Tomorrow's the big day!  I feel like I've said that same type of thing 16 times!  

I'm going tomorrow for blood work and u/s.  I started bleeding on my own on Saturday- exactly 2 weeks after last going to the drs.  It's annoying because that means I did ovulate ON MY OWN... and that we missed again.  Or maybe... Honestly, I was in SO much pain yesterday.  Exactly like last time... severe pain, shooting down my right leg and on my right side.   So part of me wonders if maybe the same thing didn't happen again... the chemical pregnancy.  I hope not because I want to start my next cycle of clo.mid tomorrow!  

I'm going to tell Becky at school tomorrow.  My dr appointment is at 8am, so I have to be late tomorrow.  It's not a big deal, but I'd just feel better if I clear the air so she can understand if I have to be late other times too.  So, that's the plan.  Wish me luck for tomorrow am!

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