Monday, April 14

I'm on my way!!

Yay!  Bloodwork and u/s went off without a hitch today!  Yay!  

My HcG levels were zero.  I have 10 less than 10mm on my left.  I have 15 less than 10mm on my right.  So things look good to start the next cycle.  Johnny and I went to IVP Care this afternoon to pick up the Clo.mid and the Ovi.drel.  I'm taking 2 pills of Clo.mid for 5 nights- 10 pills in all.  Hopefully it's a bit more effective than last time.  Then, on the 23rd - Wednesday of next week - I'm going in for my follow up blood and u/s.  Hopefully that shows that I have follicles that are responding well to the Clo.mid.  I should then be able to take the Ovidrel soon after that.  Hopefully before I go back to work on the 28th.  That's my hope.  :)  Then this means that I can potentially know if I'm pregnant or not by Mother's Day!  Woohoo.  I hope and hope and hope that things work out and that this works!  I'm so excited and optimistic, but I'm trying to play it cautious, but it's hard not to be so hopeful after the last cycle ended the way it did.  It's tangible and possible... it worked, only it didn't.  :)  If that makes sense.  So I'm hoping and wishing on all of the fake birthday cakes that my kids make for me at school.  

And  so here I say good bye.  Update can be expected in about a week and a half!  Unless something more exciting happens before then... 

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