Monday, April 21

Lending an ear

I spent the evening last night having dinner with my other struggling teacher friend.  I love hanging out with her and getting a chance to talk to her.  She's one of the sweetest, most even-tempered people I know.  And, really, she's the only person who really knows what I'm going through.  She's so supportive that it's great to get to talk to her.

As always our discussions moved toward my health... and at this point in time I don't really see this infertility as a health issue.  I can't really explain how I view this.  But to me it's kind of like a bump in the road... it WILL happen... it has to.  But as usual, I had to say that things are up in the air and confusing as always.  I feel like I'm just floating in a river literally going where the current takes me.  So I just wait.

She on the other hand.  She's done with the 1 hour commute, the stress of the fabulous Clapp School... the kids, the teachers, the parents... everything.  She loves her new job... she's taking everything in and she just is SO HAPPY.  Because of the loss of her IVF and the past few years of stress she and her husband are taking some time off from the stress of trying.  Time to relax and let themselves heal.  So, she's doing well... in August if she has found a new job.... she said she may start trying again.  I hope for her that it works out sooner than later.  She did say that she ovulated for the first time on her own in a very long time.  Turns out that the stress was contributing a lot to the situation.  I hope for her that it works out soon.  She deserves it and she's so amazing.

How is it fair that trying has become stressful for some people??  

The most stress for me comes from my job I think... I teach the best bunch of 5 and 6 year olds.  I love them to death, but 1/2 the parents drive me crazy... and they just lack obvious "good" parenting skills.  So why can they have children?  Yet I can't??

Wednesday is another doctors appointment.  Lets hope those eggs are exploding!  :)

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