Sunday, November 13

Wedding Weekend

I'm just a little off from posting every day, but this is still more than I normally would and that's the point right?  :)


This weekend we headed down to a friend's wedding on Friday night. (11-11-11)  Like an idiot I didn't get any pictures, but she looked absolutely beautiful (Hi Crystal!).  It was a wedding where I didn't really know anyone at all, but it was also one of such an amazing couple & such a great friend that it didn't really matter.  Being there for them was enough.

If you've seen 27 Dresses, there is a point where one of the characters says something about watching the groom when the bride walks in. 

"You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there."

Since I've seen that movie, I've started doing that- watching the groom when everyone else watches the bride make her entrance.  It's true- the face of the groom when the bride walks in says everything.  

And Ryan's said it all on Friday.  

It's been interesting to be on the outside of Crystal & Ryan's relationship.  I don't see Crystal very much (AT ALL) but I still love her to death.  And it's interesting because I've known Ryan longer than I've known Crystal.  Crystal and I met in 5th grade, but Ryan went to school with me from the beginning of time.  And Ryan's always been someone I've liked, so I love that Crystal & he are so happy.

But the point that I think I decided that I really liked Crystal & Ryan together was when Connor died.  At that point I hadn't seen Crystal in a while.  She had visited me on bedrest in the hospital (with her mom & brother- I love her family) but before that we'd kept in touch but never managed to see each other as much as we wanted.  And it might have actually been when I was on bedrest that I learned that she and Ryan had started dating... 

And I hadn't seen Ryan since I think high school.  But they were both there and it meant so much.  They could have easily skipped out, or Ryan could have said 'thanks but not thanks, I'm not going' because to him I was just some random person from school.  

But they didn't & it meant the world to me.  Everyone said that they would be there for us, but Crystal & Ryan really were.  (And Crystal was my first friend to visit Colby when he was only a week or so old!  She sat in his room with me for hours just staring at the isolette with me.  We could hardly even lift the blanket that blocked the light from him, so she could hardly even see him.   At that point we didn't really know if he would live or die, but she sat there with me.  She never complained or even seemed annoyed or bored with it.  And it meant so very much.

So with that, I'm so very happy for Mr. & Mrs. Sherman.  I love you both!  :)

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