Tuesday, November 1

NaBloPoMo: 1

The first question for this NaBloPoMo is simply, what is my favorite thing about writing?

Everyone else.

I only really like writing on a blog... which is why I have several.  I usually hate my handwriting so I like typing things out better.  In all seriousness, blogging is a neat way to journal while kind of scrapbooking at the same time.

I started back when Johnny and I were first trying to start a family.  I guess techinally we were about a year in, but it still feels like forever ago.  In the beginning we were keeping our fertility issues to ourselves simply to protect from prodding questions and having to share negatives with our families.  So I loved writing because I found this little segment of the world that was facing the exact same things I was.  It was so interesting when I first realized that there were other blogs out there about infertility and suddenly I felt like this whole world had opened up.  People got "it".  So I fell in love with blogging then.  I never really considered myself "good" or considered it a hobby, though.  Instead writing was simply a way to share our journey.

Then we got pregnant, went on bed rest, had the boys, Connor died, we faced the NICU, and life continued on.  Writing continued to be a way to share the journey.  It also became a way to work through my... life.  If I look back through the vaults, I probably have about another 200 or so started drafts on my blog.  Usually they're issues or thoughts that came to me late at night, or in the shower, or while listening to the beeping in the NICU, or while rocking the girls to sleep.  I'd start writing to work through whatever I was thinking about.  Sometimes I'd feel better.  Sometimes I'd quit writing.  Sometimes I'd come back later and finish.  And usually if I did manage to post, there was someone out there who understood.

So I guess my favorite thing is simply the community that I've found.

Oh, and sharing my cuter than cute kids.

Woody, Buzz, & Jessie.
Poor Sydney- first Halloween and already dressed as a boy.

A cuter picture is forthcoming- Halloween was postponed around here until Sunday.  
Because towns have the power to do that.

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Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I love the raw honesty of your blog. I remember finding it a while back and reading so many of your posts. It's refreshing to hear you blog for the community as much as for you. Sometimes I think we've lost so much of that - we all pretend like it's just for us and we don't care if anyone reads. Heck, if no one read me I'd keep a journal. I am excited you're doing NaBloPoMo with me!