Thursday, November 3

Play Challenge: 3

When I started this challenge I told Johnny that it was meant to only use standard things you would have at home.  Johnny jokingly asked, "If we don't have the items needed, does that mean we have a bad house?"  I said yes and we laughed it off.

Enter Challenge Day 3.  We needed a tub of blocks to build towers and create cool things.  Now we have blocks, but we don't have a ton of any one kind.  Instead we have 10 of the infamous $80 blocks (did I ever mention those here?), a set of Little People blocks, and then random small sets of pop blocks, duplos, stacking blocks, etc.  Not enough of any one kind to make anything cool.

And so, Day 3 has been postponed.  

We'll get a bucket of duplos and come back to it.

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Catherine W said...

I love the Imagination Tree. J and I have been doing quite a few activities from there lately! Hope you and Colby are enjoying it.