Tuesday, November 8

Play Challenge: 7

So we're a little off on our play days, but we'll get them all in!

Day 7's challenge was "Mega Floor Doodles"

I thought Colby would have a blast with this one.  We picked up some big art paper at Target today.  I had been looking for a roll of art paper, but we were out of lucky, so instead I taped 12 pieces of paper into a giant rectangle on the floor.  I did this while he was napping & set out crayons, colored pencils (a random buy he asked for at Target, and he never asks for anything while shopping so I went with it), pencils, and stamps.

When he woke up from his nap his eyes lit up to see the paper and all of the materials.  He usually loves to draw and color so I was excited.  Unfortunately it kind of fizzled out after that.  We traced his feet and drew a few shapes, but he just wasn't really that into it.

Perhaps we'll try another day...

Excuse the mega-bed-head.   Like I said, he just woke up.

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