Thursday, March 24

Daycare craziness and 25w3d

Tomorrow is back to the ATU for another length check. I am terrified. This week I had the whole week off so...

Monday Colby went to my in-laws because I had an OB appt. (I passed the sugar test!!!)

Then Tuesday he went to Day Care because I had meetings at school I had to deal with to get my time off approved. THEN there was a HUGE fiasco with daycare. Basically... early in the year I had only filled out paper work to approve Colby to go to the park and the pond on "field trips" with day care. And if he goes, he MUST be in a rear-facing carseat. (We are huge believers in extended rear-facing) Technically we're supposed to be informed BEFORE he goes to either of these two places (as in, she should tell us in the AM) She never has... but we've kind of gone with it because they're both super close to her house, etc. etc. Our hours that we pay for at daycare are 7:30-4pm. I usually get Colby between 3:15-3:30 depending on how quickly I can get out of work though.

SO Tuesday I dropped Colby off as usual-- I didn't mention that I was out of work because she's a HUGE gossiper and I didn't want to deal with that. Then Johnny went to pick Colby up after work. He showed up around 3:45 and NO ONE was home. So he called Daycare lady in a panic thinking something had happened with Colby or something-- she says "Oh! I left Colby's diaper bag in the driveway with a note-- my son had a doctors appt and we couldn't wait any longer." So she tells Johnny to come meet up with her to get Colby. He's flipping out (and calls me) and I started flipping out because she DIDN"T call us to say she wouldn't be home, she was NOT going to an approved place, and she shouldn't be scheduling appointments when she's getting paid to watch Colby. So Johnny goes to get him and notices that he's not in a rear-facing seat. At that point Johnny basically called it quits and said "We're done", paid for the day and was leaving it at that. She was upset because we weren't giving 2 weeks notice.

So the next day Johnny gets a call from her. He says he can't talk while at work, so she has to email him. Her email says that our hours are only until 3:30, I should have told her that I wasn't picking Colby up and it was my fault she had to take him, and that he was in the wrong car seat because she was in a rush (though he "usually sits in a rear-facing one as per the parents request"). Oh, and that she was taking legal action to get the rest of the 2 weeks pay. So, basically we have in writing that she DIDN'T call and took him without our permission to an "un-okayed" place. That she specifically did not have him in the correct carseat because she was rushing. Two HUGE safety things that could easily win us an "legal action" she decides to take. And I have the paper work that proves that the hours are until 4pm.

So basically, that has been interesting. I don't want to have to deal with legal-things right now so I'm hoping it blows over but I'm glad Colby's out of there. We were already looking into getting him out because there's jsut a lot of little things about her that was bothering us. The TV was on 24/7, she feeds the kids hotdogs and grapes (two items that are huge choking hazards and, according to the food program, absolutely NOT allowed for kids under 3... I totally feed Colby grapes, but I don't have 4 other kids I'm watching), the toys were always dusty and grimy but she would always say things like "Silly! I just took that out of the dishwasher!" whenever Colby put something in his mouth when I was there... and she was a huge gossiper so everyone and their mother knew I was pregnant with twins (the town I work in-- gossip spreads like wildfire) and "How could she possibly handle it?!" (I knew all about which kids needed teeth pulled and which ones slept with their parents and who had a miscarriage and so on.)

So, with all of that-- Colby has been home with me the past two days. I had actually planned on keeping him home with me so I could have extra time, but day care issue was the icing to solidify it. :)

We had a great past 2 days. Yesterday we just vegged and cuddled and loved every second. Today my mom came up so I got extra sleep and got fed like a queen. :) Tomorrow I'm keeping Colby for most of the day and then he's going to the in-laws while we head to the ATU.

I am scared that things will have changed and will send me in to the hospital. Tonight I let Johnny do the whole bedtime routine and I'm so sad right now to have missed it. I love my cuddle time with the Bug... and I know that one-on-one time is jeopardized as it is... I'm just afraid to know just how jeopardized it might be.

25 Weeks 2 Days - March 23

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days 25 Weeks 3 Days

Total weight gain/loss: No idea... I haven't been weighed in forever.
Up by about 20

Maternity clothes? Maternity pjs
Only super comfy pants. Jeans and work pants are too tight. Shirts are getting too short...

Stretch marks? Holy cow they are here. They are big and pink and they hurt. Is that normal? The combo of the ultrasound goo (used 4-5 times a day), rubbing it off, and my sensitive skin is painful. They're only on the underside though... I can only see them when Johnny takes a picture of me
I still think I only have the 4 or so on the left and 2-3 on the right of my belly button. I don't think there is anything new on the bottom-- I'm carrying so differently this time!

Sleep: Not enough, but I'm hanging in there.
Being off work and having help with Colby some days I've gotten a bit more sleep. My mom came up today and I slept until almost 10! Then she pampered me all day!

Best moment this week: Having things calm down after the scare last week.
I passed the sugar test the first try this time!! (Last time, I failed number 1 and passed number 2)

Movement: They love to kick! Usually they're really active every other day and 7pm is their play time.
Super active. I'm feeling lots more kicks and turns from Baby B now which is great. I'm feeling them both more mid and upper now- before most of it was down near my incision scar.

Food cravings: Anything... I'm always hungry! :)
I really wanted homefries, so my mom made those. In general, I'm not very hungry lately.

Gender: 2 boys
1 Boy and 1 Girl?

Labor Signs: Well, aside from the short, semi-open cervix, I'm doing okay. Contractions have pretty much ceased and I'm feeling good.
Nothing that I know of...

Belly Button in or out? In-between-ie

What I miss: Doing things for myself. Walking around.
Nothing nothing nothing

What I am looking forward to: Meeting the babies in a LONG time. :)
Lots more time with these babies INSIDE

Weekly Wisdom: I don't really have anything. Do what you're told, I guess. :)

Milestones: 25 weeks. We're steroid-ed up. They're still doing great... it's all pretty important, right?
We're here. The sugar test. :) That's all I have!


iamstacey said...

Oh, wow, I'm so sorry you had to deal with the day care issues! How awful! What a mess. It's my worst fear about going back to work. :(

sunflowerchilde said...

Wow, that daycare sounds terrible! I can't believe she'd do that. Doesn't she have a phone number for you guys?!

Stace said...

She has... both our cells, the house, my work (not that I was there), Johnny's work, my mom, and Johnny's mom. She had plenty to choose from! :)

Ashley said...

Sorry you had to deal with that!! You look great!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

That daycare is CRAP! I would have been furious to arrive and find no one there. AND the carseat issue? Come on! Im glad hes outta there! Where will he go now?

Please update about your appt! I need some good news. :)