Wednesday, March 2

Random Teacher Tidbits

Totally random, and not baby/kid/family related at all.

I went to Boston University as an Early Childhood Education undergrad. It has a great ECE program pretty widely known. So the professors are hardcore. When I did my student teaching practicums (all three) each time the teacher I was "paired" with was known by BU professors. They had previously been observed for "best practices" in teaching to make sure they were good matches to be mentors. Basically, the professors had made sure they had gotten "the best" to educate the ECE students. We also had to student teach for about 12 weeks (or maybe a little more) whereas the Department of Ed requirements are only 6 or so.

So the random part is- I showed up to school on Monday morning and was going about my morning. And randomly, a student teacher from a local college showed up. Because apparently she's my student teacher for the next 6 weeks. And I'm in charge of mentoring her and observing her...? I can barely get through the day on my feet let alone be a good role model! I've never had any contact with this school or the ed department or anything. When an email went around about willing participants in this student teacher exchange I purposefully did not respond because I didn't want a teacher because I know I don't have much to offer right now.

But, alas, here we are. I like her a lot. And she likes to color which is great because I have about 52,000 "centers" 1/2 created that just need to be colored in.

And today she taught circle/calendar and read a book. I sat.

Maybe I could get used to this.

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svallely said...

Wow!! Your very own student teacher!! So exciting! :)