Friday, March 18

Here we go again?

This week's high risk appointment yielded a 1.5-2cm change in my cervix depending on which measurement you go by. So I'm still around 2-2.5cm which is considered "good". But a 1.5-2cm change in 7 days is not considered good. So, I'm off work this week-- not full bedrest, but I'm to take it easy.

I go back on Friday of next week to see if there is a change. If I remain stable, we will reconsider and see what I can do. If there is a change, then I am to welcome the hospital with open arms and allow them to shoot me up with steroids.

I'm not sure what to think-- but I also DO NOT want the hospital because I need more Colby-alone-time.


Michele said...

Oh honey... Prayers. Many prayers. One of the biggest reasons we have decided to not actively pursue another pregnancy is the scenario of me going back into the hospital for weeks and/or the weeks in the NICU. It is such a terrifying situation; I hope you are able to stay with your sweet Colby for many more weeks and that your babes stay put for several more months!

Leah said...

I'm so sorry about this change. Take it easy this week, as I'm sure you will. Thinking of you, and hoping that hours turn into days, and then into weeks.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Thinking of you!