Saturday, March 12

A trip to L&D

That past few days have brought on increasing amounts of pain in my back, hips, legs... you name it, it probably hurt! Last night was particularly miserable and this AM I woke up feeling not much better. I decided to take the day off from work to rest so I wasn't walking around all day. The pain coupled with being 23 weeks 4 days along has been enough to make me a tad (or more) nervous.

We decided that a reassuring trip to visit Dr. K was in order. All I needed to hear was "Calm down, everything is okay." So I called to make the appointment, but Dr. K was on his way to the airport and couldn't see me. So they called me into Labor & Delivery at BI. NOT the place I wanted to be. After a tearful call to Johnny we were on our way to the hospital.

Thankfully this time it was MUCH quieter than last time we ended up in L&D for my registration prior to bedrest. We got in quickly and I explained my nerves and pain and everything else and everyone was so nice. The toco revealed no contractions and the heartrate monitors revealed healthy (kicking) babies. My blood pressure was fine (maybe a tad high due to nerves, but nothing too high). An ultrasound in the ATU revealed everything to be in perfect condition. So, we were discharged 3 hours later with a reminder to call any time anything seemed off.

So, now we're home with another ATU appointment in a week for another ultrasound and check. The babies are kicking away. I'm feeling more reassured. The nurses in triage were awesome- and one even remembered me from back when I was in the hospital with the boys. It was nice to be remembered. It was so nice to be told (over and over) that it's okay that I went even though everything was okay. That I have a reason to be nervous. Basically, it was nice not be to with Dr. R. :) (Because if she had been there I have a feeling it would have been more of "Why are you here if everything is okay?" and less of "Call ANYTIME you need to. This is an all night operation and we only want you to feel okay.")

And I've been given instructions to talk to Dr. K on Monday about plans for restricted work. Not bedrest yet, but I need to be off my feet more because things are just going to get tougher.


Michele said...

I was so nervous when I read your title- SO glad things are okay!!!

Leah said...

I'm so sorry for your constant nerves and you have every right to have them, and I'm glad that people at L&D agree with that.

Thinking of you, and I can't want to get your 27w2d post, and I can't wait to get your 30 week post, and you get the drill. :)