Monday, November 30

What routine?

That routine I was talking about yesterday?

I totally should have bitten my tongue!

This is his schedule I was talking about:
10pm-2am: sleep
2am: diaper, bottle, back in bed
3am-5:30am: sleep
5:30am: bottle, back to bed
6am-8am: sleep
8am: diaper, bottle
8:30am-12pm: awakkeeeee
12pm: diaper, bottle
12:30pm-4:30pm: nap time!
4:30pm: diaper, bottle
5pm-9pm: awakkkkeeee
9pm: bath time
9:30pm: diaper, bottle, rock to sleep
10pm: begin again

After I spoke of that "r" word?

10pm-4am: sleeeep
4am: diaper, bottle
4:30am-7:30am: sleeep
7:30am: no, I don't want a bottle, I just want to cuddle
7:30am-9:45am: sleeeep with Mommy
9:45am: diaper, bottle
10:15am-10:00pm: awakkkke with 42 zillion bottles and 2 20 minute naps.

I kid you not.  He just went down after almost 12 hours of widddde awake.  Wide awake with "I need to be held!!!!!" tendencies.  (With a little tummy time and LOTS of pictures thrown in there.)

I will not speak of routine again.  But the sleep last night? Amazing.  And there is NOTHING better than just cuddling with my buggy!


Jen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that photo!!!! He is oozing with personality!!!


Michele said...

Such a cutie!!!

Maya decided today that she wanted to be awake all afternoon. Right now, she and Bobby are having tummy time and talking up a storm! Perhaps we will get another 6 hour of sleeps? We shall see!