Tuesday, December 1

135 days and I Am The Mom

Today Colby is 19 weeks 2 days old.  That's 135 days old.  That's over 1/3 of a year.  How does time go so fast?  

This time last year Johnny and I were still making our way though the miscarriage.  Waiting it out to see where to go next, when the next cycle would start.  

This year?  We're on our toes waiting for Colby to tell us what to do next.

It's really amazing how much a year can change you.  I'm waiting off doing my yearly review for the new year (2010??), but I just get stunned thinking about the changes of the past year.  There have been ups and there have been downs, but we made it through (perhaps with a few scars, but we made it).  

But it's been worth it because I have this face looking back at me:

On another note, a general plea to everyone: family, friends, and random people we come across in our travels...

I am Colby's mom.  I am responsible for him.  His care is up to me and up to Johnny.  That's it.

I may be a new mom, but we have been through a lot to get here.  Colby didn't just land on our doorstep as a big surprise.  We worked for him.  We want to raise him.  

I've always worked with kids.  From the time I was 14 I have babysat, worked in day cares, taught, and learned about child development.  I know how to raise a child, so I can handle him.  I know what to do and when to do it.  

Please remember that and let us raise him in our own way.  You may not agree, but please let us have our time.  We have worked so hard for Colby that we want to be the ones to raise him.  We appreciate your love, but we want to be responsible so please remember that.   If we need advice, we will ask, otherwise, we have things under control the way that we want it.

Also, please remember that we are the parents.  Please ask us before you do things with Colby when we're around.  This means please ask us before you change him, feed him, pick him up, unbuckle him from his car seat, etc.  We're not doing this to be a pain, but because we know what we're working for.  We know if he hasn't slept all day, if he has just been changed, if he needs to eat... we're responsible for him and, while we know you want to help, you would help us most by asking us and treating us as adults and Colby's parents.

Thank you for your care,
Colby's mom


Michele said...

Even when you know they are coming from a place of love, it is hard when people want to do things for the little ones. Thankfully, we made our feelings very clear before they came home so we havent had any issues (yet) but I'm sure it is only a matter of time...

Leah said...

Wonderful letter, and one I am definitely going to have to write when my child is here.

What a cutie you have! :-D

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Look at that cute face!! And what beautiful eyes he has!

Im sorry youre dealing with others overstepping their boundaries. Like you said, YOU are his MOM! Bottom line. :)