Sunday, November 22

I miss it!

You ready for this?

I miss bed rest. 

There I said it.

When I began bed rest I was understandably terrified. It was totally unexpected and it meant that my babies were in danger.

But as time progressed I began to almost enjoy it.  Sure, I would have moments where I hated it because I couldn't go baby shopping, or have my shower, or, well, do anything besides lay down and aimlessly surf the internet.

But it gave me so much time to just enjoy my babies.  For hours and hours (and hours) a day I could just lay in bed with my hand on my stomach waiting for the next baby kick.  I got to hear their little hearts thumping away every day for over an hour.  I got to see their little bodies on the ultrasound once a week.  I got to really know the babies before they were born.  Connor was the calm one.  He was wedged in one place and he was pretty consistent when we tried to find his heartbeat.  He only flipped position occasionally.  Colby was always on the move.  He kicked up a storm and swam away the moment a doppler or monitor touched my belly.  He was flipping position constantly, daily I swear.

So, while bed rest hadn't been on my list of expectations (I honestly thought I'd be a mother of twins who would make it full term), I grew to enjoy it.  For 28 days it was just me and my babies with each other.  I knew they were safe and they were all mine.  And I miss that.  

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Michele said...

I cant say that I miss bedrest. 16 weeks of it was enough to make my poor body atrophy! But I know what you mean about missing the special one-on-two time with the babies. I do miss that. I miss feeling this one kick or that one curl up under my hands. It was special because it was something that only I could have with the babies.

I completely share that sentiment.