Wednesday, November 18


Every day I look at my beautiful little guy and I am completely amazed.  

He is such a far cry from the wrinkly little baby he was just a few months ago.  Today we had Early Intervention come in to do an evaluation on Colby.  He is chronologically 3 months (4 tomorrow!) and corrected he should have been 1 month yesterday.  I fully expected the EI evaluation to yield a few delays making him eligible for services.  In fact, however, his evaluation yielded no issues whatsoever.  He is measuring above his gestational age and even at his chronological age in some areas.  The word they kept throwing around was "perfect".  And he is.  Perfect.

Some days I look at him sleeping- or not- and I am just amazed by him.  The strength he has, the progress he has made, the love I have for him.

Then other times I look at him and I am amazed by the possibilities.  He could do anything.  he could be anything.  He really is just a ball of promise and possibility and hope.  If Johnny and I continue to do our job, this little man really can be anything and can do anything.

The possibility is astounding and even overwhelming.  


Ashley said...

That's awesome stace!!

Michele said...

Our little ones are 9 weeks old (but -2 weeks gestationally, since I would be 38w today) but they also have been given the "perfect" stamp. It's wonderful to hear.