Monday, March 16

The visit

So, the OB update.  The OB I went to today was a tad far away for my liking.  I have no idea how to get there-- the hubby drove me.  Would I enjoy going there on my own in the future?  Not so much.  When I first called a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to meet with this OB because (1) she was the only one who had someone answer the phone and wasn't at lunch! and (2) she was the OB that my RE recommended.  (And, I love my RE, whom my PCP recommended, so I figured recommendations were the way to go...)  Back to when I first called... this girl on the phone was a little rude it seemed.  Maybe I was being overly anxious, but it bothered me a little... but I pushed it out of my head. 

Today was the appointment... we got there at 3:20 for a 3:30 appointment.  First the girl at the desk was freaking out because she couldn't get my insurance to go through.  Which, of course, made me nervous.  Then we proceeded to wait... until 4:20ish.  Maybe that's why my RE recommended her?  My RE was famous for making us wait a LONG time.  Anyways, at 4:20 a nurse called us, brought us to a little cubicle room where she proceeded to leave us alone for another 10 minutes.  Then she came to get info from us... said congrats, gave us a bag of "goodies" and brought us to the room to wait for the doctor.  The doctor was with us... maybe 15 minutes.  She didn't really ask us anything about symptoms, our histories, etc.  It was a little off putting.  Then, at the end she said, "So, at 19 weeks you'll have your ultrasound and we'll also see you in 3 weeks for a routine visit."  I nearly fainted.  19 WEEKS!!??  So I mentioned that we had a miscarriage and that we were a little worried so could we, please, make it a little earlier??  She ended up putting us in for an ultrasound on Monday.  And then we left.

So, neither Johnny nor I were really feeling this lady.  Of course, we'll use her for her Monday ultrasound.  Other than that, though?  We're calling around.  Or, rather, Johnny is because all the doctors offices are at LUNCH when I am.  SO, that's Johnny's job.  Find a closer OB that I'll like.  :)

We did get to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, though.  :)  She only looked for one and then was unconcerned with finding the other, but it was so nice to hear, though!!  I cannot wait for Monday!!


Sarah said...

She only looked for ONE heartbeat!? Doesnt she know you're having twins?? Sheesh.

Yea, I'd say time for another doctor.

Stacy said...

It may be a little far... but I LOVE my OBGYN.... its in Framingham... let me know and I'll give you the info! :)

Anonymous said...

um... yeah. you need a new ob! at least you get an ultrasound out of the visit. geez. what a welcome wagon.

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the OB visit. I would definitely find a better one. Your OB should treat this pregnancy as important as it is. Good luck finding a different one if you decide to go that route.