Wednesday, March 11

Nothing Special

Oh let's see...

Yesterday my aide got me two maternity shirts. A little premature, but the thought was nice! I tried them on and they are HUGE. She actually got me one size higher than I would have... but with twins I might need it! Ha. Johnny and I were at the mall on Saturday so I popped into Motherhood Maternity just to look around... because it's fun. I felt a little self concious being in there. Everyone else looked ready to pop! I just have to be patient... everything will come in good time!

I love the fact that the babies on the little ticker/widget thing are looking more and more human and less and less reptilian. :) Soon enough they'll look like little perfect babies. :) I go to see the doctor on Monday afternoon after school. I'm hoping she gives me another ultrasound despite the fact that I already had one at RSC. I can't believe it's already been a week since we saw those little beating-blobs. Can't wait to see them again!

Other than that, things have been uneventful. Sleeping and school work pretty much sum it up. I am also SO incredibly sick of this New England weather. I HATE IT. We have had so much snow it hurts. It was 60 over the weekend- beautiful. Monday? We wake up to snow/sleet/ice gross-ness. Where is spring!? My kiddies have been deciding if the days are lion or lamb days and then adding them to the calendar-- so far we only have 3 lamb days!

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