Thursday, March 26

Ugg Bug

So, first of all, my back hurts so badly.  It has just been my right side for awhile.  It felt more like a pinched nerve for the past 2 or 3 weeks.  However, now it has moved on to the left side as well.  It feels like a pinched nerve on the other side, too, but it also goes all the way across my back.  Oh well... I'll take it.  :)

Secondly... at school I have told 3 people that we're expecting.  The principal, my aide, and (though not voluntarily) the other K teacher (she happened to walk through the room while I was talking to my aide about my appointments).  Anyways, the other K teacher found out just days ago.  DAYS.  Apparently she has already opened her big mouth (someone else's words... not mine!) and told others.  Not only has she told others, but she has been loud enough and not covert enough that people JUST WALKING THROUGH THE HALLS have found out too.  Apparently people have been going to the secretary asking how I'm feeling.  Soo... I'm annoyed.

1. It's my news.
2. She can't keep her mouth closed.
3. I didn't want to tell people yet!!

And now I'm not sure if I should just give it up and tell everyone so that I'm not the topic of gossip for the few weeks or just pretend that I don't know everyone is talking about me. 


Sarah said...

Fuck em. Let them gossip like the caddy cows they are.

Jenn said...

Sarah might be right, but I LOVE being and talking about being pregnant, so I say tell them all!!! Shout it to the's much more fun that way.

There are very few times in your life when you'll be this fabulously pregnant...enjoy it while it lasts!

Ashley said...

sorry honey...schools are the WORST about gossip!!