Tuesday, March 17

School Related Tid Bits

Tuesdays my kids have 2 specials.  Gym in the AM from 9:30-10:10 and Library or Music in the PM from 1:55-2:30.  Usually during the AM prep time I try to get stuff done because Darcy is there and she can help.  Today, however, we were talking about my appointment.  Picture it.  I'm sitting at my desk with my feet up on a drawer and Cheeze-Its in my hand.  (It was part of my snack!)  Darcy is sitting on one of the kids tables and we're talking animatedly.  At approximately that time, the principal along with 2 people I don't know come walking in.  Oops.  Becky comes in and asks where the kids are to which I reply (as usual) "I gave them away!"  No one laughed.  :P   Becky then introduced the people she was with as visiting teachers from a Boston Montessori school.  They come in look around and Becky says "I especially love helping in Stacey's room while she's working on reading and writing."  Then they awkwardly leave.  To which I ask Darcy "When has she EVER helped in my room?"  A few minutes later we walked to the office to talk to the secretary who informed us that the two teachers with Becky were a part of her interview for the principal position of this school.   Oops.  I hope I didn't blow the interview for her!  But, seriously, WHY wouldn't she have let us know ahead of time that the interview was taking place!?!


Ashley said...

That's hilarious!!!

ashley said...

That cracked me up when you said, "you gave them away". Hilarious.