Monday, March 23

Goodbye Food!

Ah, so last night marks the first time I have totally and completely lost my entire dinner. I was laying in bed, doing school work, half watching a movie, and eating leftovers that Johnny had heated up for me (he was watching something else in the other room... that's why I was in bed. I'm not really that lazy all the time!). About midway though the corn I realized that it just wasn't gonna stay down. And with that... at 10w1d I lost my dinner. I'm kind of amazed it took so long for it to happen... I've been feeling pretty crappy at night the past few weeks.

Come on Wednesday! I can't wait for you!!! :)

And for a 10 week thing-a-ma-bob...

How far along? 10 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: I think nothing... I am about 2 lbs up from pre-IVF weight though. But I don't think I've put anything on since that. I may have actually lost a little.
Maternity clothes? No, but I do only wear 2 pairs of pants over and over. My dressier ones aren't happening.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Usually 9 hours a night... :P More if I can squeeze it! (Last night I was in bed at 7:15!)
Best moment this week: Monday last week hearing the heartbeat. Imagining the nursery in the new place! Realizing that, no matter how quiet my dad is, he is thrilled beyond belief!!!
Movement: No
Food cravings: Coolattas, pretzels
Gender: 1 of each? :P
Labor Signs: Not for awhile!
Belly Button in or out? Innie!
What I miss: Absolutely NOTHING. I LOVE where I am right now!
What I am looking forward to: The doctors appt. on Wednesday! Can't wait to see the ultrasound!
Weekly Wisdom: I think the only advice I got came from my dad... when he said "My advice is to just eat what you want... but sensibly." Nothing too prophetic, but I think he was trying to make me feel better about wanting a Coolatta!
Milestones: Double digits in the weeks!


ashley said...

Ugghhhh, throwing up is the worst!!! But for the very best reasons huh?

Ashley said...

Sorry you are throwing up!! I love looking at your countdown...the babies look like babies:) That's sooo exciting!!