Wednesday, March 25


Happy Wednesday!

A few tidbits while I sit and eat my lunch with the kiddies safely tucked away at their lunch...

1. My husband is by far the best person in the world. He's still not quite all there with "getting" my constant state of tiredness. I'm not sure he can understand it because he's the type that can get 2 hours and function just fine. But that doesn't stop him from being exceedingly amazing and putting up with everything that I want. (Meaning, things I want, but am too lazy to get for myself.) He's the best. Really.

2. 24 mentioned infertility on Monday... sort of. A security guard at the port mentioned that "getting pregnant is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world," but that it took him and his wife 3 years and all of their savings, and now they're expecting twins. Jack took pity and ended up saving him.

3. My parents leave for Floriday tomorrow. I can't remember where... Naples I think? I'm too jealous. Last we checked it is supposed to be 80. Ah... wouldn't that be nice?

4. Less than 4 hours til the doctor appointment! I am soo anxious/nervous/excited... you name it. I cannot wait. I don't care what goes on. I don't care if she sucks. But I cannot wait to see them on the ultrasound again. I just want to see the little wiggling blobs. That's all I want. I just need to know that they're both still in there and that they're both growing just as they should be. The only problem? I'm really not sure if I will be able to keep from telling everyone and their uncle assuming todays u/s goes perfectly. I just want to scream it to everyone. I cannot count the times I have almost slipped and told my kids at school.

Now, I know I had more insignificant details to ramble on about, but I cannot think of them for now...


Alyssa said...

2. Cool. I like 24 but haven't seen it recently. I'll watch the season when it's out on DVD.

4. Yea for ultrasounds!!! If I were you, I would already be telling my news to anyone who would listen. :) Oh wait... I already have :P

ashley said...

The tiredness will get better, well, a little better anyway. I'm so excited for your ultrasound and they really won't be little blobs anymore, ;) you'll get to see the little precious babies that actually are looking like babies now. It really rather fascinating. Have fun!

Sarah said...

I cant wait to read about the appointment!