Friday, February 20

Oh, vacation!

Ohh... winter break.  Every break I always have a list of jobs I want to accomplish.  Usually, they seem very practical and sometimes I get them done.  

This break I started with the following list...
1. Edit lesson plans until April
2. Type up math lesson plans until the end of the year
3. Read "We Can't Teach What We Don't Know"
4. Read "Portfolio Portraits"
5. Start my review of Portfolio Portraits
6. Start my lesson plans for my Reading class
7. Start my unit for my Reading class

So, Friday of vacation... the question is what have I done?  HA!.  Only 3 and 4.  Yes, I read 2 full books... but nothing really got done otherwise!  I know I'll regret it when I have 6 projects due for my classes and I also have to get stuff done for school... but, oh, well.

My excuse is... I've been tired!

Otherwise, I've been doing well.  My stomach is fine... I guess I was officially just sick last week.  Just tired and anxious for Monday!  :)

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