Thursday, February 26


It's 7w0d if I'm calculating everything right!  I'm still feeling good.  I was surprised as I left school just how good I am feeling.  Tired?  Yes!  But I'm ALWAYS tired when I leave school... just maybe a little more so.  But when I get home I still have to get my work done for my classes and cook dinner and all that good stuff.  But I find that I'm exhausted from about noon to 8.  Then at 8 I seem to get a second wind... so just as I'm ready to wind up my work and relax (or sleep!) I'm not tired any more.  It's a bit annoying, really.

But otherwise, I'm doing fine.  So anxious for Tuesday!!!  


Shinejil said...

I'm so with you! I can't wait until Monday's u/s. And I'm curious how many will turn up on your u/s.

We're so close in due dates... I hope we both get to enjoy our pregnancies together, relatively worry-free.

I haven't been feeling all that crappy, either. Just exhausted, more or less all the time, but I'm somehow getting used to it.

ashley said...

I can tell you that the tiredness does get better the more you progress but it really kicks your butt in the beginning.