Saturday, February 28


Still feeling good.  I've been having bouts of queasiness, but I haven't gotten sick yet, so it's all good.  In reality, it's no worse than how I'd feel coming home from work after not having eaten all day or how I'd feel when I had stayed up way too late.  

Yesterday, my class went to the aquarium.  Then Johnny was bored in the evening, so we went to visit my parents for dinner.  All I can say is that yesterday gave a whole new definition to the word exhausted.  I was unbelievably tired.  SO TIRED.  And today isn't much better.  

Just heard from my friend... she just did an IVF cycle the beginning of this month and got a negative.  I feel so badly.  I just feel guilty because this worked for us.  I know she's happy for us, but she deserves it too.  

I guess that's about it for now.  3 days until the ultrasound... not that I'm counting down the minutes or anything.  :)


Sarah said...

Cant wait to hear all about he ultrasound!

Ashley said...

Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!!