Sunday, February 15

Just an ole Update

Although it's Winter Break, I'm getting a little stressed from all the work I have to do for my classes.   Don't these people know that I'm pregnant and exhausted? *

In the next week I have to read 2 full books and then write a couple of papers.   All while barely wanting to keep my eyes open.  (How many naps did I take yesterday?  The answer would be 3-- one of which was well over 3 hours long!)  Basically, being awake and eating were the things I did to fill time before I fell asleep again.  Pathetic.

Yesterday, on a bit of an excursion (we are so exciting!), Johnny and I went to lunch (even my parents were giving me a hard time about it being V Day and the fact that I wanted to do NOTHING... so I felt forced to get out of the house) and then to Babies R Us.  Mind you, we went to a new Babies R Us we had never been to.  We are trying our hardest not to do anything even remotely related back to October.  (Small example, we wrote on the HPTs with silver sharpie, because we used black in October...)  But it was fun to go and look at all the cute stuff. 

On the sickness front... I only got sick 1 time yesterday.   Very excited about that.  But I hadn't gotten sick at all on Friday, so it was a little comforting yesterday.  My injection from yesterday hurts worse than ever.  It is so ridiculously painful and I'm missing my full range of motion in that leg right now!  Happy thoughts, though?  As long as everything proceeds A-okay from here on out?  I only have 5-7 more weeks of injections.  That's right... only 35-49 more injections!  Wooohoooo!   

And by my calculations, I want my HCG to be about 10,000 on Tuesday.  I'm a little anxious about that.  Not nervous so much, just anxious to know.

* Technically the answer would be no.... unless they're psychic.  But I haven't told them.   They should just be nice to me for the heck of it.

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Anonymous said...

i'm with you. i have basically spent the last three days waking up, wandering downstairs to find something remotely interesting to do with myself. eating something, and wandering back to bed for the 3rd, 4th time that day. yeah. wtf. now if i could only muster the energy to clean the house.