Tuesday, February 10

It's 2:30... I should be sleeping!

What's that?  It's 2:35am?  And Stacey's up?  

Yup... that perfectly describes my sleeping lately.  I am exhausted, which is making it harder to get better I know.  But I cannot sleep.   I'm feeling a little bit better already today than yesterday.  I still have no voice and a cough that really hurts, but the fever is slowly going down and the headache is a lot less noticeable.  The new thing now is that I can't keep anything down.  Not that I've been eating much... maybe a handful of saltines, a bottle of water, and a little pasta.  But it's all gone.  Please tell me that this is a stomach bug.  33 days in is too early for morning sickness (or in my case, constant sickness since yesterday afternoon), right?

Not that I'm complaining... if it is morning sickness, bring it on!  If it's not, go away stomach bug!  I want to go back to school!!

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Shinejil said...

I hope you feel better soon, and that your beta today is great!