Sunday, February 22

Sunday Night

Nothing new going on right now.  It's Sunday and I just woke up from my nap.  :)  My first nap in 3 days!  That's pretty good... for me... right now!  I'm excited to get back to school, but also a little nervous.  I am going to be exhausted beyond belief tomorrow, I am sure.  I'll finally be getting back into the swing of things after almost 2 weeks off.  

Tomorrow AM we have blood work, too.  I'm a little bit nervous about it.  I'm sure it will go okay, I'm just nervous that they're going to tell me that I need to go back on the PIO Injections.  I'm really, really, really hoping that I don't have to.  

Back to getting school work done... I finally started my paper, wrote my lessons plans for math, and edited the rest of my plans.  I've been semi-productive the past few days.  :)


Shinejil said...

I hope school doesn't exhaust you too much and you don't have to return to Buttshotville.

Keep positive! :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with today's results. :-D