Monday, February 23

Cuz I just can't wait...

I just couldn't wait to post, so here is our update. :)

Day 16 (2/9) I was at 658
Day 18 (2/11) I was at 1,362
Day 24 (2/17- 5w5d) I was at 8,747
Day 30 (2/23- 6w4d) I am at 41,870.

I'll take it!

My progesterone today is at 93... down a little from last week, but still respectable.

Remember last week how there was a big ordeal about taking/not taking the injections? They seemed to be telling me one thing when they meant another? Well, today, my voicemail said "Today your progesterone is at 93. Keep taking the progesterone if you are doing that."

WHAT? So, of course I called semi-panicked saying that I wasn't taking the progesterone and that I had been specifically told to stop taking it last Tuesday. They recanted their position and told me NOT to take it anymore. Very confusing.

Anyways, ultrasound is scheduled for March 3rd! It's at 10:30am and then we meet with the doctor at 11:45am. SO... apparently, you're not supposed to work when you're trying to get pregnant here. I already took time off for the transfer AND then I was sick all week before vacation... now what am I supposed to do? Leave at 10am and get back... at 1pm? And there's no guarantee that I'll be back in time... my doctor is in the OR on Tuesday morning, so that has the potential to push her back. Plus there's the fact that she's ALWAYS late. AT LEAST by 15-20 minutes, usually closer to 30-45 minutes. So... I haven't figured out what to do yet. But Johnny already has grand plans of yelling at Anania for all the mix ups and confusions with everything (times and dates and numbers and everything). BUT the best thing? This time next Tuesday we should be cleared to graduate!!! :) YAY!

Andddd no more butt injections! It's a good day!

On a side note- aside from sleepiness I have had no symptoms at all.  Nada.  It would make me nervous if my numbers weren't so good.  Instead I am just counting my lucky stars that I haven't been sick.  I'm holding my breath for the next week or so... if I can get past the next week-ish then hopefully I'll be in the clear.  Wouldn't that be fabulous?


ashley said...

Just about a week to go! I'm so excited!!!

Stacy said...


I am so super excited! Congrats!

Sarah said...

Wow! Cant wait to read about the ultrasound

Anonymous said...

congratulations! these numbers are crazy good! good luck for your ultrasound! okay, that's a lot of exclamation points. yipe.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on wonderful #'s! :-D Isn't it crazy how much time we're forced to miss work for this TTC stuff? It's crazy!

Shinejil said...

Good job, embie(s)! You're rocking the hCG like nobody's business.

I, too, have few symptoms except exhaustion. Not everyone pukes their guts out, so don't let it faze you.

I'll be looking forward to hearing about that u/s.